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8 SWG 304

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12 SWG 304 Savvy
Shimmer Senora


Our manufacturing facilities are located at Bhayender, with the entire manufacturing process done in-house, so as to maintain stringent quality standards. Our quality control department is at work right from the making of the dye to the buffing process of the cutlery. Here, each piece is attentively hand polished, maintaining the overall depth and definition of the design.

Cultery manufacturing includes the following processes:
◊ Dye – In this stage the spoon is cut and given shape.
◊ In cup rolled cutlery then the cup is rolled.
◊ Buffing – The polishing stage. Here the steel is raw and entire finishing process takes two days.

Again we would like to reiterate the advantage of ordering for your cutlery from Supreme Steel is not just on the quality front, but also instant delivery given their huge inventory, customization of the product and also competitive pricing.

Our Products:
All our spoons, forks and knives are manufactured to the following specifications:
◊ 16 swg 202 grade.
◊ 14 swg 202 grade.
◊ 14 swg 304 grade.
◊ 10 swg 304 grade.
◊ 8 swg 304 grade.

Our premium range of cutlery offers the specification of 18/8 (18% chrome and 8% nickel) and is single piece cutlery cup rolled, competent with international styles and designs.

Quality Measures:
Supreme Steels has earned the valuable trust of its clients owing to the proven performance and insistence on world-class quality. Special quality control systems have been implemented to cover all stages of production, with every process being conducted in strict accordance with international standards. Continuous standardized quality assurance, control and improvement programs ensure that each facility delivers the best possible product at competitive prices.

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