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8 SWG 304

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order single items?
Of course you can order as many, or as few, items as you wish. You are not committed to purchasing a complete set or range of cutlery.

Can you engrave my cutlery to my requirements?
We can certainly engrave cutlery - and have done in the past on many occasions with both initials and design. We can customise cutlery according to your needs.

What metals do you manufacture your cutlery in?
All our cutlery is manufactured in stainless steel in four grades:
 ◊ 16 swg 202 grade
 ◊ 14 swg 202 grade
 ◊ 14 swg 304 grade
 ◊ 10 swg 304 grade
 ◊ 8 swg 304 grade

What makes stainless steel stainless?
Stainless steel is an iron based metal with at least 18% chromium added. It is the 18% chromium that makes it stainless. The chromium reacts with the oxygen in the air to form a thin protective layer of chromium oxide that prevents oxygen from rusting the surface. Higher levels of chromium and the addition of other alloys such as nickel and molybdenum enhance this protective layer and improve the corrosion resistance of the stainless material.

What are the main benefits of stainless steel in cutlery?
  • It is one of the most hygienic options for cutlery - very easy to clean, as its unique surface has no pores or cracks to harbor dirt, grime or bacteria.
  • It is very attractive and requires minimal care, since it won't chip or easily rust and it takes little seasoning.
  • It will not affect flavour, as it does not react with acidic foods during food preparation or cooking.

Can a dishwasher stain my cutlery?
Detergents, especially unnecessarily strong solutions of detergent, can leave an indelible rainbow stain on stainless steel if they are not rinsed off and are allowed to dry, out on its surface. This is a common problem with some dishwashing machines when the rinse cycle is malfunctioning.

Very hard water can deposit a chalky film on stainless steel, but this is only likely to occur in dishwashers that use un-softened or incompletely softened water.

How can I remove stains from my cutlery that have been caused by hard water or detergent?
If any stains are produced by hard water, detergent or by any other cause, they can usually be removed by rubbing them with a non-abrasive metal cleaning paste or liquid. Detergent stains can often occur with regular dishwasher use and show themselves as rainbow like stains, these can easily be removed with mild detergents.
Which food materials can stain cutlery?
Acids, vinegar or eggs if not removed shortly after use may stain, so wash and dry the items thoroughly.

Some Do's & Don'ts
  • Rinse, wash and dry. After use prolonged contact with acids found in food and mineral salts can attack the metal causing pitting and staining.
  • Polish away any stains with a reputable stainless steel polish.

  • Leave soaking in water or damp after washing.
  • Use abrasive pads or harsh cleaning creams which will scratch the surface.

What items of cutlery compose a place setting?
The English place setting comprises of a Table Knife, Table Fork, Soup Spoon, Dessert Knife, Dessert Fork, Dessert Spoon and Tea spoon. The ten piece place setting comprises all the items in the seven piece setting with the addition of a coffee spoon, fish knife and fish fork.

The American place setting comprises, table knife, table fork, dessert spoon, salad fork, tea spoon - American size.

The European place setting consists of a table knife, table fork, table spoon, dessert spoon, dessert fork and tea spoon.

How do I create a perfect table setting?

Table Setting

The general rule with cutlery and crockery to to start placement from the outside of your place setting, working your way toward the service plate (the main meal plate).
  ♦  A: Serviette
  ♦  B: Service plate
  ♦  C: Soup bowl on plate
  ♦  D: Bread & butter plate with butter knife
  ♦  E: Water glass
  ♦  F: White wine
  ♦  G: Red wine
  ♦  H: Fish fork
  ♦  I: Dinner Fork
  ♦  J: Salad Fork
  ♦  K: Service knife
  ♦  L: Fish knife
  ♦  M: Soup spoon
  ♦  N: Desert spoon and cake fork

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